The Hashtag VVD slips, and we have another story..

Virgil Van Dijk

Well its still rolling on and on and on. The Virgil Van Dijk saga has got to be one of the most longest stretched out dramas the media has made this transfer window or indeed any for that matter. As soon as the hashtag VVD slips in the social media profiles a new newsworthy bite is released and yesterday was no exception.

Van Dijk popped off to London like any other person would when not training because he has a virus, and a friend created an Instagram post. It was like spinning for Mackerel on a summers day off Cornwall, as all the Chelsea wishful bit!

Not wanting to reiterate a stance that has already been taken Southampton Chairman re-iterated:

“Virgil is not for sale in this window and it’s not personal. It’s not about him, it’s about an overall much, much, much bigger picture – a change of course for Southampton.

The first summer I was here five players went out and six went in, not counting academy. Second summer three went out, seven came in, and third summer five went out, five came in. Now it is one out and two in, and this is who we want to become.

We want to mature, we want to be a team that can profit from synergies that create a much more attractive football and a better product for the fans, and gives us a chance to get back into Europe.

That’s one player in this whole equation of 25 and it is the visible one, but for us it’s the principle and it’s the path and it’s the statement we need to make to get to a new space as a club.

We are very, very adamant about carrying this through. The new partnership has completely and wholly backed our strategy and plan and on September 1 people will see how serious we were and are.” -Ralph Krueger

and there you have it – he’s Not for sale or is he?

Odds are at 8/13 he stays at Southampton this transfer window! Favourites to sign him remain with Liverpool and Chelsea.

It remains to be seen within the next 2 weeks whether Southampton can keep their rock solid stance, or whether the new ownership might be tempted with a potential £70m in their coffers after spending just over £200m on acquiring the club!


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