Saints start there summer in style!


So what did we learn from the news and rumours from the last two weeks?

  1. Liverpool tried to do things a little differently this time and get stung
  2. Another Saint wants to travel north to Merseyside.
  3. Liverpool try again for a Serbian – yes they did
  4. Our Captain flys off seemingly sulking
  5. Saints slap a £75m price tag on the Captain
  6. Saints snigger as Liverpool caught doing the same at Chelsea
  7. Saints look at reporting chelsea as well
  8. Charlie’s in deep water with Bianca
  9. and John Terry – yes i said it!
  10. Southampton could be £195m richer if the Lander Holdings deal goes through.
  11. and Puel – well you know!

– and that my friends was just two weeks!

So Liverpool made an apology for seemingly ‘tapping up’ our Captain Van Dijk, in a series of text’s, meetings and phone calls before getting permission from his employer. Hard to say who was at fault but assuming disciplinary proceedings will follow internally as its a breach of contract and certainly terms. Not content with issuing an apology they decide to start making plans to approach Dusan Tadic, and we assume here in the best possible sense that they are doing it properly and are going to or have asked Mr Reed permission to do so, to which he has probably aptly replied.

In the meantime it seems Chelsea are likely to report Liverpool to the Premier League for ‘tapping up’ Solanko at the same time, whilst Southampton are considering reporting Chelsea for also making an illegal approach to Van Dijk.

Saints received praise from many corners of the press for standing firm and it must feel good at the moment that the bullying is over. To prevent further nerves being shattered they placed a £75m price tag on VVD, to which Manchester City apparently claimed they would drop interest at anything over £50m. So we have a smiling Les Reed claiming a small moral victory, a sulking Captain who obviously wants out and fans believing he should now go and £50m would be rather nice if the Lander deal doesn’t come through.

Speaking of which the £195m deal appears on according to the press but not confirmation from the club. Which strikes an accord with another piece of news that Puel is definitely sacked (according to the press) but that hasn’t been announced either. The sticking point for Saints fans being wether Katharina will still be running the club albeit on a minority stake or will Lander move in with the whole inexperienced crew they have and start doing things their way, which is nothing short of shitting oneself whilst asleep and waking up to completely new look thats hard to explain in the morning!

Plenty of news of Southampton chasing Tuchel, and Puel going to St Etienne but again no confirmation. Betting companies are now taking money on Puel staying so Saints fans you better start rethinking those chants for next year just in case.

It seems Cucu Martina wants to join up with the former manager Koeman at Everton, and John Terry is 7/1 to replace Van Dijk at Saints next season. Try not to laugh this is all getting serious typeface across the tabloids this week.

The players have all gone on international duty or holidays or both in some cases. Not all are in the news but it seems Bianca Austin has caught up with charlie’s exploits with a hairdresser. A twitter war exploded between them whilst holidaying in Barbados this week. On a more positive note Shane Longs marketing company has nearly made nearly 500k Euro’s profit last financial year. So its not all doom and gloom and it seems your honouring your contact until 2020! Well it seems . . .